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Webinar: Exclusive Arizona

The new Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement plan is built to help you and your clients Achieve more. At our exclusive webinar for Arizona, we’ll give you tips for selling the plan by phone.

Female, 70-year old, ZIP Code: 29401

  • Plan F – $117.96
  • Plan N – $78.46
  • Plan G – $99.62

Don't Miss the Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Webinar

We'll also review the plan's benefits for members:

  • Incredible rates (see below)
  • No network restrictions
  • Guaranteed renewable
  • 12% household discount

And its benefits for agents:

  • Plan F & Plan N incentive bonus (no limit to earnings!)
  • Top commissions at 21% with 26% on Plan N
  • Simple telephonic enrollment process